"Bringing visions into the light."



It was in high school that Chris Hilleke's interest in filmmaking quietly began while shooting fun, in-camera projects with his friends using VHS camcorders. Eventually the hobby would become his profession and in 1994 he took his first camera job while earning his B.A. in Telecommunications and Film at the University of Alabama. Since then he’s contributed to all manner of motion pictures ranging from corporate and commercial work to music video, documentary and narrative projects.

Known for his efforts in social justice documentary films such as the HBO Documentary Films "Gideon's Army" he also has a momentous catalog of short and feature length narrative work including an experimental serial killer film "A Horrible Way to Die" released by Anchor Bay and more recently "Song of Solomon" which might be one of the gorious exorcism films ever made and released by Unearthed Films. (It's funny too.)

"Young at Heart."

Nowadays he's a bit of a rogue cinematographer living and working all over the country in his camper/edit suite named "Iris" and his production van "F-Stop". It's a lifestyle that affords him time to reflect and pursue projects he has passion for; his eyes always looking up to the mountaintop.

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